The Social Media & Digital Parenting Struggle is REAL

Technology today can be scary and confusing to say the least! Unfortunately, devices such as iPhone and iPads are setup by default with access the full internet, ability to chat with strangers, make online purchases, and upload photos and videos.

The good news? These devices have built-in parental controls that can limit and safeguard your child’s experience and I can show you how in my iParent 101 online course!

It’s easy. It’s educational. It’s effective. It’s empowering! By taking this course, you will walk away with the know-how to safeguard your child from the bad stuff on the internet through setting the built-in controls on your devices.

In my iParent 101 workshops I show parents how to use the built-in restrictions of electronic devices paired with age-appropriate Digital Access Boxes™ so that your child can safely expand their access as they grow and demonstrate that they can handle themselves. The program was built upon real-life parent questions and struggles and, therefore, my suggestions aim to be simple and accessible to all.