The Dangers of Your Children Using KIK Messenger?

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Possibly the most famous anonymous messaging app out there today. Children have unfortunately been able to have contact with strangers. Cyber bullying is a common complaint within this and other anonymous apps and it has over 200 million users! Sadly, it has been associated with a number of tragic crimes.

So why do kids (and adults) want to use KIK Messenger?

  1. It’s anonymous.
  2. It’s free.
  3. Cyber bullying; easy to prey on others. ūüôĀ
  4. No age limit being enforced.
  5. Easy for sexual predators to prey on children.

So the answer, talk with your children.¬†Be proactive.¬†Starting the social media and Family Rules Contract early can help establish the “house rules” regarding your child’s expected behavior and limitations.