Podcast: How To Parent in the Digital Age?

Dr. Pletter had the pleasure of being invited as a guest on Joe Foley’s ‘No Sitting on the Sideline’ Podcast. It’s a great discussion, Digital Dad to Digital Dad, about how to be involved and […]

Parenting Fail: InAPPropriate App Dilemma

This past weekend I approved an app that has only caused issues since it’s download. Yes, I had Ask to Buy on. Yes the communication was open between me and […]

The Dangers of Your Children Using KIK Messenger?

Possibly the most famous anonymous messaging app out there today. Children have unfortunately been able to have contact with strangers. Cyber bullying is a common complaint within this and other anonymous […]

The Problem of Parenting in the Digital Age

We are in charge of safeguarding, protecting, and managing our children in today’s screenage but we the parents are digital immigrants! Our children know more than us and that’s not going […]

The Virtual TIME OUT!

When your child is being disrespectful or inappropriate you don’t have to threaten to take the entire phone away. I actually know a parent that took a hammer to their […]


Is Musical.ly safe for my child?

Musical.ly is one of those apps that gets your kids up and moving. At least somewhat. That’s of course if they are getting up and making music clips rather than […]

Online Security & Social Media Conference

Online Security & Social Media Conference On October 14, 2016, I was invited to speak at the Digital Citizenship Conference in Los Angeles, California at the Microsoft LA headquarters. In […]