Kids, Summertime, & Cell Phone Usage

School is almost out for Summer! No more homework. More free time for kids. Which probably means the limitations and family rules with digital devices like iPads, Wii, and phone […]

Kids first iphone

Two Simple Tactics to Manage Your Child’s iPhone

Digital Parenting Pioneers: I know it’s annoying to constantly play ‘whack-a-mole’ when it comes to keeping your kids within healthy limits on their phones. But here are 2 simple tactics […]

PhotoJournalists Here, There…Everywhere.

Do you ever think about how our children’s generation will handle the 1000’s of photographs they will have accumulated by the time they leave college? I mean seriously. We, the […]

Put the MO back in FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

What is FOMO? FOMO is the very real feeling that you are missing out.—literally, it is the Fear Of Missing Out that most of us would acknowledge experiencing at some […]

Static? What’s a static?

Let’s embrace the digital world. Why? Because it really is incredible and, by the way, we have no choice. Our children are knee deep in the screen world often before they can […]

How Parents Are Fighting Back Against Machines

I recently connected with New York Times best-selling author, Bruce Feiler, through Twitter.  A few years ago, I came across Bruce’s book, The Secrets of Happy Families, and I was […]

MSVNA’s First Digital Health Expo

I was happy to attend the Medical Society of Northern Virginia’s (MSVNA) First Annual Digital Health Expo at Tysons Corner Center on The Plaza on Sunday, October 23rd. I discussed […]