“Every clinician and parent needs to hear Dr. Adam Pletter speak about how to effectively parent children in the 21st century as it relates to screens and technology. No other psychologist has the personal and professional expertise to provide the sophisticated level of guidance and concrete support and strategies to have an impact like Dr. Pletter.”

Alec L. Miller, PsyD
Co-Founder and Clinical Director
Cognitive Behavioral Consultants of Westchester and Manhattan

“After hearing Dr. Pletter speak on NPR, I made the decision to invite him to speak to our community. It was a fantastic decision, as Dr. Pletter’s message is a must hear for all parents. He walks the line between being sensitive to the demands of parenting in relation to technology, but is also clear and direct that parents have a responsibility to understand the capabilities of the technology their children have, as well as developmental consequences of too much technology usage. Dr. Pletter’s seminar was incredibly engaging, relevant, and thought-provoking. Those who came out to hear Dr. Pletter speak left with both a greater awareness of the challenges of parenting in the digital age, as well as practical applications. Parents who take the time and investment to engage with what Dr. Pletter has to say will not be disappointed, and will find themselves better prepared to embrace the awesome responsibility of raising children.”
Rev. Seth Lovell
Olivet Presbyterian Church
Charlottesville, VA

““Dr. Pletter’s presentation was great – it was exactly what we were looking for in terms of addressing the questions we had going into the workshop. The audience definitely walked away with a lot of tools.” Jenna (parent), McLean, VA

“Dr. Adam Pletter’s course takes the mystery out of digital parenting. He shows you step by step how to keep your children safe and set clear digital boundaries. If you think your child is responsible enough to use electronic devices, then make sure your child knows how to use them responsibly.”

Lori Lite
Founder of Stress Free Kids / Author of Angry Octopus Color Me Happy, Color Me Calm

“ I highly recommend Dr. Pletter’s iParent101 online series. As a clinical psychologist who works primarily with children and teens, I see on a daily basis how technology safety and self-regulation are crucial in our constantly changing technological world. Dr. Pletter’s program is very practical, easy to navigate, and provides a wealth of concrete tools to help parents navigate the world of technology with their children and teens in a safe way. Furthermore, as a psychologist, he goes beyond the technical elements of technology safety and provides tools and interventions that address the emotional well-being of children/teens as they relate to our technological world.”

Carey A. Heller, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist / The Heller Psychology Group LLC

“I was SO impressed by the wealth and depth of Dr. Pletter’s “tech” knowledge in combination with his counseling approach to this very challenging topic. The presentation was extremely relevant and insightful. Dr. Pletter and his iParent 101 course are amazing resources to this community.”

Carol Urbach
Learning Specialist
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

“I recently attended Dr. Pletter’s iParent 101 talk and I cannot adequately express how truly excellent it was! I learned a great deal more than I was expecting. As a parent of two boys (age 8 and 3), both of whom regularly use my phone and iPad, the information I learned is invaluable. Not only did I discover so much about what kids have access to on these devices, but it helped frame what I need to have in place to ensure that they are not being exposed to content that I would find inappropriate or that could jeopardize their safety. I also learned the importance of establishing and communicating clear boundaries with my children around technology use. The stakes will get higher as they get older, so acquiring all of this valuable information now was enormously beneficial.”

Dr. Bonnie Zucker
Clinical Psychologist

“Dr. Pletter’s iParent 101 Online Course has transformed the way we operate in our home and has given me a new language to discuss technology with my patients.”

Dr. Caren Glassman

“The presentation was super informative and I was impressed with Dr. Pletter’s speaking style and how well he handled the questions from the attendees. Really an excellent job!”

Dr. Elizabeth Cutner
Clinical Psychologist

“As a pediatrician planning an international parenting summit “The Positive Parenting Summit”, it was a pleasure working with Dr. Pletter. He provided a high interest and informative video that helped many families with this universal parenting struggle.”

Dr. Orlena Kerek
Barcelona, Spain

“Thank you all for putting together the excellent program on Tuesday night. It was very informative & the speakers were so approachable that it fostered a great dialogue among the parents.”

“The iParent 101 workshop at the JCC in Rockville, Maryland was so informative. I gained a greater understanding of my iPhone and how to set restrictions on my child’s device while also learning communication techniques so it isn’t such a battle but more of a conversation.”

“Really good stuff! Lots of basic tools. I don’t have as much concern about safety for our kids right now, but we are constantly dealing with screen ABUSE. “I’m just listening to music….” well, between snapchats, that is! Took a couple of friends and all gave the program high marks!”

“The program on on-line safety last night in the Somerset Library was really fantastic! A big thank you to whoever arranged it and funded it as it was such a useful information for us parents…VERY worthwhile event!”