Kids, Summertime, & Cell Phone Usage

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School is almost out for Summer! No more homework. More free time for kids. Which probably means the limitations and family rules with digital devices like iPads, Wii, and phone usage may become blurry.

Many parents in my area send their kids off to sleepaway camp for fun and adventure away from home with the added bonus of device-free weeks. Ahh, the peace of mind knowing kids are getting back to socializing face to face. Whether your kids will be returning from sleep away camp or home for the summer doing day camps, summer months and new schedules are challenging digital parenting times.

Either way, it’s a great time to plan the Family Rules Contract:

5 Benefits of Setting Up a Family Rules Contract:

  • Enforce the pre-set rules that work best for your family.
  • Less headaches, arguments, and stress!
  • Build the lines of trust and communication for your family!
  • Your child knows clear expectations upfront.
  • Signatures by parents and child makes your child more accountable.