Is safe for my child?

Posted on Posted in apps, Digital Parenting, Elementary Age, high school age, Middle School Age, Parental Controls, Parenting, Screenagers, Teens & Screens is one of those apps that gets your kids up and moving. At least somewhat. That’s of course if they are getting up and making music clips rather than watching others. And those others…that’s the main issue. Kids can lip-sync, mime, and dance to music they choose, but there are also some not so kid friendly aspects to this free app that should be of concern to parents.

Interesting Facts:

  • Technically for ages 13+!
  • Has over 80 million users!
  • Music in the app may contain elicit content since it’s for 18 and over.
  • May view inappropriate content like pornography, graphical content, suicide notes.  :‑/
  • Private information can be easily shared 🙁
  • Account is public by default. You need to change it to private!
  • Location settings

Tips For a Safer Experience:

Is safe?Take a look at the privacy settings…there is no need for strangers to be able to contact your child.

Turn the privacy setting on! Click the person icon in the lower right corner, then click the settings icon in the upper right corner. Scroll down and set these three privacy areas to the “green” position.

Also, check out’s PARENT page.