Two Simple Tactics to Manage Your Child’s iPhone

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Parenting tips kids first phone.
My kid has an iPhone. How do I keep them safe?

Digital Parenting Pioneers: I know it’s annoying to constantly play ‘whack-a-mole’ when it comes to keeping your kids within healthy limits on their phones. But here are 2 simple tactics for parents to manage their children’s iPhone.

Note: Both steps require you to turn on Restrictions (4 digit code under Settings, not shared with your kids).

My 2 Simple Tactics for Parent to Manage their Child’s iPhone:

  1. Scroll down and turn off ‘IN-APP’ purchases. If you want your children to use your credit card in games they will come to you and you can DISCUSS and say yes or no-(turn back it on, make the purchase, and then shut it off again).
  2. Go to ‘Content Restrictions’ and ‘Websites’ and at very least ‘Limit Adult Content’.

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For more details on cyber safety for kids check out Dr. Pletter’s online course at Learn how to become an iParent 101 Advocate in your community!