The Dangers of Your Children Using KIK Messenger?

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Possibly the most famous anonymous messaging appĀ out there today. Children have unfortunately been able to have contact with strangers. Cyber bullying is a common complaint within this and other anonymous apps and it has over 200 million users! Sadly, it has been associated with a number of tragic crimes.

So why do kids (and adults) want to use KIK Messenger?

  1. It’s anonymous.
  2. It’s free.
  3. Cyber bullying; easy to prey on others. šŸ™
  4. No age limit being enforced.
  5. Easy for sexual predators to prey on children.

So the answer, talk with your children.Ā Be proactive.Ā Starting the social media and Family Rules Contract early can help establish the “house rules” regarding your child’s expected behavior and limitations.