The Problem of Parenting in the Digital Age

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We are in charge of safeguarding, protecting, and managing our children in today’s screenage but we the parents are digital immigrants! Our children know more than us and that’s not going to change!

Parents born in the 1970’s and 80’s hold a unique historical position. We are in fact in charge of the digital world but we were the last generation to grow up without the Internet. This creates a parenting problem!

Our children were born into this digital world. They are using electronic devices such as iPads and iPhones at such an early age. So how can we be in charge of teaching them when we are the Digital Parenting Pioneer?

When we are the Digital Parenting Pioneers?

  • Parents born in 1970’s & 80’s hold a unique historical position
  • Last generation of parents who did not grow up with the internet themselves
  • Digital Native children often know more than their Digital Immigrant parents
  • You as parents are in charge of teaching and protecting

So what’s the Digital Parenting Solution?

The answer is simple; get up to speed on technology today so you can make relevant parenting decisions. It’s no different than any other parenting decisions just in a more complicated landscape. iParent 101 can show you how!