The Virtual TIME OUT!

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When your child is being disrespectful or inappropriate you don’t have to threaten to take the entire phone away. I actually know a parent that took a hammer to their child’s phone. I understand the frustration, but in the end, you’ll be paying the hefty price for buying a new phone.

The iPhone may be an integral part of yours and your child’s life. They may need access to the phone to call you. Or you use the Find My Phone app to locate your child when they are not at home.

So how can you restrict the phones abilities while still allowing the child to use the device?

One idea is to make your child’s favorite iTunes App ‘unavailable’ for any period of time that you decide. This means going into the Parental Controls and turning the prized app off…not deleting the app. This will encourage your child to change their behavior! When your child acts more appropriate they can get access back. It’s that simple. This gives your child a sense of power and us parents the ability to be consistent with consequences. 

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